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Friday, November 26, 2004

Welcome, Random Visitors!

How do you do?

Me and my cronies here at the Transplanted Idiot would like to thank you for dropping by and apologize for not posting very often (if at all).

This blog was begun when the four of us were blocked from the Transplanted Texan's weblog because we were disobedient to the ways of the right-wing-nut-job blogosphere.

If you want a good giggle, go read his blog. Trust us, you won't regret it. We couldn't find anything better to do for about a month. It's THAT funny. Fox News funny.

We sort of lost interest once the Transplanted Texan himself came across our blog. That's when we pretended to turn it into a "Fan Page"... haha, it still makes me laugh. I guess it always was a fan page really. Even when we were making fun of him endlessly.

Nowadays he chooses to ignore us, and we pretty much ignore him... He wasn't worth more than a month of our time.

As we bid you goodbye, we thank you again for dropping by, and we hope you enjoy laughing at the Transplanted Texan as much as we did (and do, somewhat infrequently these days).

- Ann Hanbaugh


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